Thursday, March 22, 2012

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive...

It had been such a large period of time since the last time I logged onto Stardoll, of which I did so again this fine afternoon.When I entered my username and password and proceeded to enter onto my account, I was infuriated to discover such a disgusting message. Unfortunately I didn't imagine to print screen this message but this message enthralled that somebody had tried to access my account but luckily, and I mean LUCKILY, Stardoll was able to prevent this action. It sickened me to think that somebody would even attempt to 'hack' onto somebodies account. It'd always been a shocking element of Stardoll but you only realise the full impact when it affects you, yourself.

On a high note, however, I am pleased at this action as it does present that Stardoll have finally listened to our countless, hate mails requesting them to sort out their security. This news may not be new to you but I thought it was so disrespectful!

Anyway, what brings me to Stardoll today? I was just searching through my images of my computer and came across my Stardoll files, secretly hidden, distantly away from any of my friends who thought they'd be nosey as my friends are unaware of my presence on this site, and all my original love and feelings came back for the site. I have had such an amazing and beneficial life without Stardoll but, however, I have met some of the nicest people to exist on the earth! Also I feel like I've wasted that period of time as I haven't maintained the projects and persona I had created for two years! I would love to get back in the swing but as I've been gone I don't know anything that's occurring these days!

I have forgotten my skype password so once I have retrieved it I shall be back, again. Hopefully this time more often! 
Until next time,
Abbie x

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guess Who's Back...Back Again!

Sorry for my reference to Eminem that I incorporated into my title, I have recently began to listen to so much music, especially Eminem! So, it's been a long while I have been off Stardoll, and even more so, into DollyWood. My life has improved so much recently without my daily dose of Stardoll. It seemed to consume my weekends, my school nights, all of my free time, and since the  break I've been out more, being more sociable and meeting new people! Personally, it has extremely benefited myself and I would imagine that it would be beneficial for all those fellow addicts out there!

However, onto my post. As I have been off DollyWood for a period of time, feels more like a millennium, I was wondering what kinds of projects were currently running. What has occurred during my absence. Who's left, who's new, everything really! So it would be brilliant if everybody could contribute to my knowledge by letting me know!

It also put's into perspective, that before I planned on leaving, I had admirations to release a magazine, which was planned to have been released this month. Today in fact. Although, I am forgiving in the fact that I didn't give myself such a huge responsibility of running a whole magazine, going at it alone!

That's going to be it for today, a couple of days possibly. I won't ever get myself in the the addictive trap once again that people call 'Stardoll'. PEACE OUT BITCHES.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, well, well

Well I did promise to you that I would have the collection posted but I figured that we'd be better to make a tab with all the collections. Well that'll come in the future so in the mean time you can view the collection at SFW!
The awards were announced today were the fashionista's could vote for their favourites! WE WON THE AWARD OF THE NIGHT, well in our opinion, and that was the 'Director's Choice'. I am personally really pleased about this and we thank you for your continued support...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What You've all beenn waiting for...

Hello all. Today I am highly excited. Firstly because I had the most AMAZING night last night. Secondly because tonight, Venus Couture is released! You will be able to see the collection later tonight at approximately 20:30pm GMT at and it's highly likely for the collection to be posted on here soon after. To attend SFW tonight, all you have to do is dress AMAZINGLY, go to FashionWeekSD on Stardoll at 19:00pm GMT, and parteyyyyy! You can also apply to be on best dressed lists!
Finally I am begging pushing for people to buy my SFW designs. PLEASE!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well, so sorry!

Everything is falling to pieces so close to SFW. PwincessSara has left the team, which sucks as she was amazing at posting. She also helped me to get things together so a lot of  'behind the scenes' help from Sara. But all good things come to an end and so Sara, buh-bye!
SFW started on Monday, and the stardesigners kicked it off...and I was a chosen Stardesigner which is AMAZING if people would buy them. But it's the budget cuts etc.
Tuesday night was Opening Night for SFW which I thought was successful and it went right. It saw the first three collections revealed and they were;-
Most of them had high expectations but didn't quite make the cut.
So here we stand. WEDNESDAY! What will happen tonight? Who knows, we'll have to wait...

But the night we're all waiting for is Saturday when Venus is released! I really cannot wait :)
We're also hosting an after party on skype so if you'd like to attend comment your skype username and add me on skype. My skype name is; AbiiBabeh..x

Monday, February 28, 2011

Featured Designer: Acne

The fall collections are in. I'm still searching them through, but I'd like to share with you one of my current favorites: Acne F/W 2011. The collection consists of 26 lovely outfits, in a color scheme of different tones of camel, blue, orange, nude and so on. The fabric choice was also a great hit, if you ask me. Tulle mixed with leather, velvet and others. Very interesting choices, if you ask me.
Click here to watch the whole collection. Above is one of my favorites. So what's your opinion about Acne and it's F/W 2011 collection? Completely gorgeous or just simply tacky?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I guess..

that nobody wanted the 50sd. So we have 100sd to go towards activity and competitions. Suggest some ideas!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

GG Spoiler

Not much really to say at this moment in time. I was just asked by Bruno to post this spoiler for Global Group...Click the spoiler to go to the blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011

100sd Up for Grabs

This blog has been abandoned, really. If I'm honest no-one could be bothered to post and we were all doing some project, somewhere around Stardoll. My first thing I want to talk/tell you about is;

1. Progress

We haven't been telling you anything about our first collection; Venus. We just wanted to share with you the latest updates, whats going on and what will be happening in the run up to SFW.

Plamena and I, had our very first meeting with our Global Group mentor, Bruno. We discussed the usual stuff, what we had for the collection, if we needed any assistance, but we came on to a topic that concerned me and Plamena, which you may not have known yourselves. The Couture House, should we say 'Brand' is Couture Stardoll, hence the title of the blog. Our first collection we named 'Venus' containing Grecian Style Couture. So, no, the line is not called Venus. Secondly, it came apparent that we had two winners for the design contest. Yes? Well, we recently, very recently, set them a task which meant them having to design another outfit for the collection. Here was the brief;

As you won the design competition, we have another task for you. We need you to design one more Grecian Style dress. It can be totally simplistc or totally glammed up, but take into consideration what the other entrants got in their feedback. This should ensure your designs perfection and success. Both designs will be featured in our collection, that is in SFW, and as an added bonus and a thankyou, you'll get to model both of your outfits! You need to have submitted your designs by 8:00pm GMT on 23rd Februray. Good luck! We would also appreciate if you could do them before this date. Thanks! Designs to be sent to me.

Me and Plamena decided that the two winners, greatdj & Foxiuke, were not getting enough recognition so we required they create another design. and that they would both feature in the SFW collection.
Thirdly, I was thinking of making some CSD t-shirts for you to wear throughout fashion week, or just as a souvenir. The proceeds earned from these t-shirts will go towards future competitions and a raffle that is going to be held. But firstly I wanted to know whether you would buy these tees!
Finally, we are 5 designs, and 2 make-ups aways from the collection being released! We're all so happy as to how it has come together, and so is our mentor. At first, we believe we couldn't do it, but thanks to Bruno, we got a major confidence boost that puts us in the postition we're in today. We're quite glad about SFW being put back a week, too, as we wouldn't have done it without that week. Who would have thought a week would give so much.

2. Prizes
Our very own writer, pwincesssara, has kindly donated 100sd for prizes to keep the blog active in the run-up to SFW. We are still deciding on how to award people with half of the money but I have a task for all those graphics designers out there. As I have recently been signed to an agency, I need to build up my portfolio. I need everybody who wants to enter, to use me as a model, and create either and accessory or an outfit on my doll, basically modelling it. All winning entries will receive gifts but the main winner will win 50sd! Also, everybody who receives a gift, their entries will be a part of a collection called, the People's Choice. This is basically a collection made from Stardoll members themselves.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Runway to Reality: Denim Look with H&M

One of my fav shops on the high-street, which isn't that expensive, is H&M. Adore this shop to bits! I always manage to find something I like for a price I like-which is more than I can say about Stardoll. So, for this weeks "Runway to Reality" segment, I decided to use florals-after all, it's Spring!-and use H&M clothing.

I know they're not very floral-like, but hey, they've got the flowers on! I really loved these dresses, and the best part is they can be worn both casually and for a night out! Colourwise, I'd suggest going for the cream one or black, mainly because most my wardrobe is black! But the other two definitely have a spring feel to them! I'd recommend wearing a short white cardi/bolero on top of the dress-I don't think the sleeveless works well in Summer... Your choice though :)

Dw, they're only leggings xD It might be spring, but it's still gonna be cold out, so make sure you wear some leggings-black or white, depends on the colour of the dress you're wearing. Keep it neutral-don't go OTT! fav part :)

Which girl doesn't love a charm bracelet? They set off any outfit perfectly!

Carry around a neutral coloured suede bag for all your necessities, and that little bit extra a girl needs.

These were the best high-heels I could find online...Ikr? I don't like them much...If you're like me and hate high-heels, then go out in a pair of black or white flats with the ribbons on-you know, the ones that sort of look like Ballet shoes?  (x

I think next time, I'll try Forever21. I want to give a shot to a shop I don't see in my local shopping centre everyday... xD