Thursday, March 22, 2012

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive...

It had been such a large period of time since the last time I logged onto Stardoll, of which I did so again this fine afternoon.When I entered my username and password and proceeded to enter onto my account, I was infuriated to discover such a disgusting message. Unfortunately I didn't imagine to print screen this message but this message enthralled that somebody had tried to access my account but luckily, and I mean LUCKILY, Stardoll was able to prevent this action. It sickened me to think that somebody would even attempt to 'hack' onto somebodies account. It'd always been a shocking element of Stardoll but you only realise the full impact when it affects you, yourself.

On a high note, however, I am pleased at this action as it does present that Stardoll have finally listened to our countless, hate mails requesting them to sort out their security. This news may not be new to you but I thought it was so disrespectful!

Anyway, what brings me to Stardoll today? I was just searching through my images of my computer and came across my Stardoll files, secretly hidden, distantly away from any of my friends who thought they'd be nosey as my friends are unaware of my presence on this site, and all my original love and feelings came back for the site. I have had such an amazing and beneficial life without Stardoll but, however, I have met some of the nicest people to exist on the earth! Also I feel like I've wasted that period of time as I haven't maintained the projects and persona I had created for two years! I would love to get back in the swing but as I've been gone I don't know anything that's occurring these days!

I have forgotten my skype password so once I have retrieved it I shall be back, again. Hopefully this time more often! 
Until next time,
Abbie x