Saturday, February 12, 2011

Runway to Reality: Denim Look with H&M

One of my fav shops on the high-street, which isn't that expensive, is H&M. Adore this shop to bits! I always manage to find something I like for a price I like-which is more than I can say about Stardoll. So, for this weeks "Runway to Reality" segment, I decided to use florals-after all, it's Spring!-and use H&M clothing.

I know they're not very floral-like, but hey, they've got the flowers on! I really loved these dresses, and the best part is they can be worn both casually and for a night out! Colourwise, I'd suggest going for the cream one or black, mainly because most my wardrobe is black! But the other two definitely have a spring feel to them! I'd recommend wearing a short white cardi/bolero on top of the dress-I don't think the sleeveless works well in Summer... Your choice though :)

Dw, they're only leggings xD It might be spring, but it's still gonna be cold out, so make sure you wear some leggings-black or white, depends on the colour of the dress you're wearing. Keep it neutral-don't go OTT! fav part :)

Which girl doesn't love a charm bracelet? They set off any outfit perfectly!

Carry around a neutral coloured suede bag for all your necessities, and that little bit extra a girl needs.

These were the best high-heels I could find online...Ikr? I don't like them much...If you're like me and hate high-heels, then go out in a pair of black or white flats with the ribbons on-you know, the ones that sort of look like Ballet shoes?  (x

I think next time, I'll try Forever21. I want to give a shot to a shop I don't see in my local shopping centre everyday... xD

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evermore1girl said...

I love the charm bracelet idea I am terrible at accessorising and this was quite helpful thank you...