Sunday, January 30, 2011

Runway on the High-Street: Denim Look with New Look

Hey all! I'm PwincessSara, and my segment is Runway on the High-Street. I basically try and find a cheaper version of the runway outfits for all of us people who can't afford to spend hundreds on the Designer clothing.

So...this weeks focuses on the Denim Look, and I'm going to be using clothing from New Look as inspiration.

Denim has been big this year in the Spring 2011 shows. For example, designers such as Stella McCartney and Diesel have all somewhere incorporated Denim in to their looks-and not necessarily the blue kind, either. 

Now, unfortunately, New Look doesn't really have many denim items that aren't jeans, which has made this a bit hard-but all the better, because I like a challenge in life. So...for the top half, I have improvised a bit and tried to use items that look really good with denim.

Skinny Jeans are an essential to any girls wardrobe. I mean, who doesn't love them?? Spring is the perfect season to bring them back in style-and they'll definitely keep you warm whilst the cold weather clears up!! I personally think that black is THE color for skinny jeans. Maybe navy blue, but I think it really depends on what you choose to wear.

I absolutely love this jacket, and I know it's something I'll be keeping an eye out for next time I'm in New Look. This jacket, for me, is absolutely gorge. I mean, it doesn't all have to be runway style, right? This jacket will set off any casual look perfectly. Just pop it on, get out on the street and show the world that denim isn't just reserved for the rich folks of the runway!

OK, OK, I know these aren't denim. But they set off your look really nicely. They don't have to be fancy to be nice! Just wear this, and throw on your denim jacket and skinnies-you'll look amazing. I'd recommend the white one to get a bit of color in there-don't just settle for dark colors. It is Spring, after all!

Now, my favourite part. Shoes and accessories. For accessories, keep it simple. Just wear a belt and a necklace:

And voila!! For shoes, just keep it simple and wear some flats or ankle-high boots. New Look didn't have any I thought'd match this perfectly, so there ya go... 

Anyways, did this help? Is there anything you wanna see next time? Lemme know in comments :)

And the winner is.......

Me and Plamena spent just over and hour crticising each and every design until we came to our winner. We will show you our comments and rating but please do not take them personally or bully the person...

In eighth place is.......
Abbie; She's tried to drape and I can see what she means but not a lot of requirements have been met. 5/10
Plamena; I like the belt, but the drawing is a big mess and the design isn't something amazing. 5/10
TIP: Try drawing softer whilst making your design

In seventh place.......

Abbie; I think the dress is a really great design but it appears too ball gowny. 6.5/10
Plamena; I don't think it matches the theme. I don't like the net, crossing the body and the whole idea of net. 4.5/10

In sixth place.......

 Design 1 was 'disqualified' as we already had a highly similar design.
We had a discussion about this one. Here it is...
A: The pink is not very appropriate to the collection
P: Why? I really don't like the candy pink color, but I think the design is good.
A: The shoes and belt should be changed aswell. 6/10
P: 8/10

In fifth place.......

Abbie; I think this outfit is not Grecian but is so close. I love how it is greek goddess style though. 8/10
Plamena; I'm honestly not sure about those golden lines on the top and again, I agree about the Grecian style. - 6.5/10

In fourth place.......

Abbie; I like the outfit as a whole but it doesn't appear to match the 'Grecian' theme but we could add draping etc. easily 7/10
Plamena; I love the single sleeve and the bottom of the dress, but I agree that it's not very ''Grecian" - 8/10

In third place.......

We did an average as she submitted 2 designs. Numbers in the corners.
Plamena; 1- I love the sleeve and the belt. I think it fits the theme very well. - 10/10
2 - I like this one aswell, but I don't think the dress should be short. And again, this pink color. - 8/10
Abbie; 1- Agree but colour is wrong and it's slightly japanese style 6/10

2- We could make it full length but I like the dress 7/10

In second place is.......

Abbie; I like that she spent the time to make it into graphic form and it's got the perfect requirements. 9/10
Plamena; I like the dress and I love the belt and shoes, but I'm not sure about the neckline. Also, the graphic is really good. - 9/10

So that means in first place is.......

Abbie; Unique, perfect for requirements and WTH (what the hell) I LOVE IT!!! 10/10
Plamena; I don't have anyhing to say. - 100/10

The two designs featured in VENUS COUTURE's first collection are as follows...

We would like to thank all entries and we require both winners to accept Plami161 and AbiiBabeh..x friend requests.

CSD's Progress

It's been over a week and now the design competition is closed we're about to deliberate and the winners will be posted tomorrow. I had a sneak peak at some of the entries as they were submitted and I was estatic at some people's creativity and time they'd spent designing their entries. We thankyou all for entering!

Secondly, along the sidebar you may have noticed their is a contributors widget and we have started to add writers to the blog. We had some entries for writers and we are still oversee-ing and organising the writers but we're really sorry if your application is declined or if you do not receive news in the next week. We do appreciate your appreciation and there will be future oppurtunites for you to contribute.


I've always been a fan of Disney, don't get me wrong. Tinkerbell, Minnie and Mickey, but this time they've gone too far. I never thought I would hear myself say this but I AM GOING TO PROTEST AGAINST DISNEY. Yeah, Disney is a multi-million pound company but they can't screw up our Stardoll. It's just, wrong! So I want everybody to help me with my programme to stop them. I know a lot of members are already with me so please follow these instructions...
Click HERE and ensure it says Other then STOLEN ACCOUNTS as they're more likely to read these...

I hope they realise our hurt they are causing and stop the process of sale. PLEASE DISNEYDOLL  STARDOLL!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK! Contributors edition...

This week I asked each writer upon hiring to choose a designer outfit to be their 'Outfit of the Week' basically so readers can get a better insight into the world of fashion and also so we can set trends. This time next week if we have enough entrants then we will post people recreating outfits or using the style so post tinypics of your outfit and stardoll user in comments.

Linnea's Choice; Givenchy Prefall 2011

I chose this as my outfit of the week because of its colours, mainly. I was stunned by the whole Givenchy 2011 Pre Fall collection, so had big issues choosing the right outfit, but in the end, the colours were the main factor for my choice, they’re so brilliant! And we haven’t seen them for long and that lavender purple really pops out in a brilliant way towards the background! It straightens your focus directly towards the outfit. Another thing I absolutely adore with this outfit is all the tulle! The whole dress is made out of tulle, and as the great fan of tulle I am I can’t be other than amazed.

Abbie's choice; McQueen Prefall 2011
I chose this as my outfit of the week because it embraces the simplicity but also it makes you stand out in the crowd as any true McQueen garment does. The colours look great together and the length is perfect for the weather and it also matches one of the taglines, 'More is more', length that is. I love how the buttons make it 'sailor' style and  I would hereby like to thank Sarah Burton, the successor of the McQueen label. You would make him proud!

Sara's choice; Chanel Prefall 2011
I chose this as my outfit of the week simply because the color scheme of black and gold has been done so many times, yet it makes it work so well! The outfit is so simple and chic, and a definite success. I believe the "Less is more" saying, and this outfit just proves my point. Oh, and 1 more reason to love it; it's Chanel!

Please tell us your thoughts and send us your entries!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Featured Designer: Chanel

When you think about Chanel, you, I anyway, often think about the ever so classic elegance of Gabrielle Coco Chanel, am I right? Paris, French shores, exclusivity but simplicity.. I could go on forever. But as for the 2011 Pre Fall collection of Chanel, we get to see something else but the usual sign of the brand..
At the start of the collection, we can clearly see the classic Chanel-elegance for sure. But at the same time, there's an oriental feeling about the outfits. There's golden details everywhere, strong yet discrete colours popping up, low shoes.. Elegant, yet with an oriental touch!
As we get to see more of the collection, that oriental touch only increases and increases. Cashmere dresses, sandals, gold and silk is used a lot in the garments and accessory. I think it's a brilliant combination, and it brings your mind to the ever so colourful culture of India and the eastern states.
But it's apparently not only the Indian culture which has influenced Karl Lagerfeldt for this collection. We see a huge mix of cultures, for sure. Through the whole collection, there's been adds of the European- and Asian culture. There's especially strong connections to Russia, India, England and also France. A very interesting mixture of different culture's fashion in this collection, if you ask me. What do You think about it?

Oh and you might have noticed that banner at the top of the post? Hello hello! I am Linnea, aka. .pease. on Stardoll, the first of the new writers here on Couture SD. I will be posting about RL Fashion, and will keep this very segment alive, called 'Featured Designer'. See you soon again!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Global Group Welcomes Couture Stardoll!

Yes you heard it! Couture Stardoll is now one of the first projects to join Global Group and we think it will be a successful and engaging journey. Through past Stardoll history, other groups such as Fashion Group and Dioguardi Group have been so successful and we think that joining Global Group will give us a lot of experience and give us many options to guide us through our career! Whilst discussing with Bruno the agreements and whilst he described everything I knew that this can't isn't going to fail and we appreciate the support given to us by Global.
Being my curious self I asked Bruno for an answer to my statement, "Why did you choose Couture Stardoll", and he replied;
"I think Couture Stardoll is starting well and it will be one of the biggest couture houses on stardoll. I believe that both the girls will go high and I want to do my best to get them going even higher."

We would like to thank Bruno for this oppurtunity and we hope for Couture Stardoll to go high!

Become a WRITER!

UPDATE: The program we were using to take applications has a problem that I cannot fix!
However, I still want some writers so please apply here!

Stardoll Name:
Skype Identification:
Real Name:
Idea for a Segment:
What could you bring to the blog:

I also require all entrants to accept my friend request and for you email addresses so send it me through mail once you have accepted me!

Welcome Home, Venus Couture!

Here at Couture Stardoll, we are the home for the up-and-coming fashion line, Venus Couture;- by Plami161 and AbiiBabeh..x. Today we are going to show you the first released spoiler and some exclusive news that may catch the eye of you budding designers out there...
First up the spoiler. So as I said, here is where you can see the first spoiler for Venus as this is it's home so here is the spoiler. The collection will be based around Grecian style dresses and we are successfully in Stardoll Fashion Week! Here is the spoiler.
You can have your design in our collection and it will appear in SFW!
To enter you must read and agree to these terms. By entering this means you will not break any of the rules.
-You must have a blogger account
-You can send in as many desings as you like
-The designs must be your own
-They must be Grecian Style Dresses
-You must use the colours gold, pastel pink, white, cream and/or other colours from this sort.
-You must be a follower

Stardoll Name;
Real Name;
Skype Name; (if applicable)
Your design;


Q: Do the designs have to be drawings or graphics?
A: Either! This competition is for you and can be made to suit anybody!

Q: Do we have to use colour?
A: It is highly recommended you add colour but you may label the colours.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Couture Stardoll!

Welcome to Couture Stardoll, a new fashion blog for Stardoll members. Me (AbiiBabeh..x) and Plami161 have set up a fashion line, which is successfully in SFW, and this is its home! We will post the collection and hopefully spoilers on this blog and we hope you support it. Although, this blog is not just for the fashion line, it's also a fashion blog and we will host many competitions and style stalk members. So all round, its a great blog, if I do say so myself. There's nothing much I wish to say so if there's any questions please feel free to comment and we'll answer as soon as possible!