Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Featured Designer: Chanel

When you think about Chanel, you, I anyway, often think about the ever so classic elegance of Gabrielle Coco Chanel, am I right? Paris, French shores, exclusivity but simplicity.. I could go on forever. But as for the 2011 Pre Fall collection of Chanel, we get to see something else but the usual sign of the brand..
At the start of the collection, we can clearly see the classic Chanel-elegance for sure. But at the same time, there's an oriental feeling about the outfits. There's golden details everywhere, strong yet discrete colours popping up, low shoes.. Elegant, yet with an oriental touch!
As we get to see more of the collection, that oriental touch only increases and increases. Cashmere dresses, sandals, gold and silk is used a lot in the garments and accessory. I think it's a brilliant combination, and it brings your mind to the ever so colourful culture of India and the eastern states.
But it's apparently not only the Indian culture which has influenced Karl Lagerfeldt for this collection. We see a huge mix of cultures, for sure. Through the whole collection, there's been adds of the European- and Asian culture. There's especially strong connections to Russia, India, England and also France. A very interesting mixture of different culture's fashion in this collection, if you ask me. What do You think about it?

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