Saturday, January 22, 2011

Become a WRITER!

UPDATE: The program we were using to take applications has a problem that I cannot fix!
However, I still want some writers so please apply here!

Stardoll Name:
Skype Identification:
Real Name:
Idea for a Segment:
What could you bring to the blog:

I also require all entrants to accept my friend request and for you email addresses so send it me through mail once you have accepted me!


Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

Stardoll Name: Nicole Jones
Skype Identification: I don't have one but I can give you my email.
Real Name: Nicole Jones
Idea for a Segment: I do 'Who Wore it Best', 'Trend Report' 'Beauty Ideas' etc. Any segment related to fashion.
What could you bring to the blog: I have a lot of experience with blogging. Here are the blogs I write for: In addition, I write for my magazine, Forever Chic Magazine, as well as RAGE Magazine and Passion Magazine, so i have plenty of experience that can really add to the quality of the blog.

Vicky said...

Stardoll Name: Princessvx
Skype Identification: Vixi.Pixi
Real Name: Vicky
Idea for a Segment: Review on the latest Stardoll projects.
What could you bring to the blog: Creativity, Unique writing skills, and real opinions that aren't biased, but are very balanced :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Stardoll Name: PwincessSara
Skype ID: PwincessSara
Real Name: Sara
Idea: Applying real fashion to Stardoll/Agony Aunt
What I could bring: The chance for people to express who they are in a style they think is cute, regardless of what others around them may actually think.

With the Agony Aunt, I think it'd help people realise that keeping it bottled up all the time doesn't really help. Asking for advice is an option, especially when you can remain anonymous with comments.

Rokas said...

Stardoll Name: bu_ny
Skype Identification: rokas2008
Real Name: Rokas
Idea for a Segment: I should write about new stardoll project (stardoll fashion week, magazine, collection), goosip, interview with famous medoll.
What could you bring to the blog: I think I was be very unique writer.This blog need more articles about stardoll life, goosip, I think it things been very good.

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Stardoll Name: sparklewand12
Skype Identification: sparklewand12
Real Name: Kirsten
Idea for a Segment: Fashion Fact File, it could be in collaboration with my blog ( where I've already released the first segment, which is on PPQ; and also Best Buys From ... which has also just been released on my blog!
What could you bring to the blog: I think I'm quite a fun writer, I write pretty much exactly what I'm thinking, I barely even check over and change posts as I want it to be as if I'm reading my posts out, like readers are listening and not reading! I also have a background and background knowledge in fashion, which helps me greatly in my posts! (See the archive of my blog,

I really hope you can give me this fab opportunity!!!
Love K xxx

evermore1girl said...

Stardoll Name:evermore1girl
Skype Identification:evermore1girl
Real Name:Robyn
Idea for a Segment:Holding a miniature contest to find a rose of stardoll (like the rose of tralee) and it is based on everything from personality, fashion, make up, talents, writing, graphics, designing and originality or people to show me their new ideas for blogs, new graphics, outfits or whatever and I can show them and talk about them and give them 5 stars or a mark out of ten.
What could you bring to the blog: I would hope to bring my personality and passion for stardoll, writing and fashion into everything I say and do. I would love to be there to always help and be part of a team with a similar goal in mind. To make everything we do the best we can do. I also love writing and would be so enthusiastic and love to see others ideas.
Thank you so much for reading this . xox

TK_Cullen... said...

SD Name : TK_Cullen...
Skype ID : N/A , but E-mail is available x
Real Name : TeeKaye Kassidy
Idea for a segment : HotBuys , Interviews with CG's , Hottest Designers etc. How to wear , Hottest Trends .

What Could I bring to the blog ?
A fresh, unique sense of eccentric style unlike any other . I am an intelligent writer , but I'm not too serious , so I wouldn't bore readers . I am creative and very good at graphic design , so I can add elaborate images to my posts .
And I am a dedicated , hard-working person x