Sunday, January 30, 2011

And the winner is.......

Me and Plamena spent just over and hour crticising each and every design until we came to our winner. We will show you our comments and rating but please do not take them personally or bully the person...

In eighth place is.......
Abbie; She's tried to drape and I can see what she means but not a lot of requirements have been met. 5/10
Plamena; I like the belt, but the drawing is a big mess and the design isn't something amazing. 5/10
TIP: Try drawing softer whilst making your design

In seventh place.......

Abbie; I think the dress is a really great design but it appears too ball gowny. 6.5/10
Plamena; I don't think it matches the theme. I don't like the net, crossing the body and the whole idea of net. 4.5/10

In sixth place.......

 Design 1 was 'disqualified' as we already had a highly similar design.
We had a discussion about this one. Here it is...
A: The pink is not very appropriate to the collection
P: Why? I really don't like the candy pink color, but I think the design is good.
A: The shoes and belt should be changed aswell. 6/10
P: 8/10

In fifth place.......

Abbie; I think this outfit is not Grecian but is so close. I love how it is greek goddess style though. 8/10
Plamena; I'm honestly not sure about those golden lines on the top and again, I agree about the Grecian style. - 6.5/10

In fourth place.......

Abbie; I like the outfit as a whole but it doesn't appear to match the 'Grecian' theme but we could add draping etc. easily 7/10
Plamena; I love the single sleeve and the bottom of the dress, but I agree that it's not very ''Grecian" - 8/10

In third place.......

We did an average as she submitted 2 designs. Numbers in the corners.
Plamena; 1- I love the sleeve and the belt. I think it fits the theme very well. - 10/10
2 - I like this one aswell, but I don't think the dress should be short. And again, this pink color. - 8/10
Abbie; 1- Agree but colour is wrong and it's slightly japanese style 6/10

2- We could make it full length but I like the dress 7/10

In second place is.......

Abbie; I like that she spent the time to make it into graphic form and it's got the perfect requirements. 9/10
Plamena; I like the dress and I love the belt and shoes, but I'm not sure about the neckline. Also, the graphic is really good. - 9/10

So that means in first place is.......

Abbie; Unique, perfect for requirements and WTH (what the hell) I LOVE IT!!! 10/10
Plamena; I don't have anyhing to say. - 100/10

The two designs featured in VENUS COUTURE's first collection are as follows...

We would like to thank all entries and we require both winners to accept Plami161 and AbiiBabeh..x friend requests.


IrishLily09 said...

The winners are truely amazing!
I wasn't too confident about my design anyways :P

evermore1girl said...

I love them all they're beautiful well done xox

greatdj/jasmine said...

I can't believe I won! O:
Thankyou both soo much!
This is a great achievement for me.
-Jasmine Lilly

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

The two winners are really good, I can't do any graphics like that!!!

Oh well about mine, I'm not sure you understood about the net though, and it wasn't intended to be ball gown-ish!

Thanks anyway!
Love K xxx

Vicky said...

awesome :) they deserve it, each and every one of them!

xxevie23xx said...

Well Done. I did spend time on mine even though it seems very rough. I cannot draw to save my life really but I thought that I'd have a shot of this! Are there any more competitions? I'd love to have another go. 8th place....Harsh! :)