Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK! Contributors edition...

This week I asked each writer upon hiring to choose a designer outfit to be their 'Outfit of the Week' basically so readers can get a better insight into the world of fashion and also so we can set trends. This time next week if we have enough entrants then we will post people recreating outfits or using the style so post tinypics of your outfit and stardoll user in comments.

Linnea's Choice; Givenchy Prefall 2011

I chose this as my outfit of the week because of its colours, mainly. I was stunned by the whole Givenchy 2011 Pre Fall collection, so had big issues choosing the right outfit, but in the end, the colours were the main factor for my choice, they’re so brilliant! And we haven’t seen them for long and that lavender purple really pops out in a brilliant way towards the background! It straightens your focus directly towards the outfit. Another thing I absolutely adore with this outfit is all the tulle! The whole dress is made out of tulle, and as the great fan of tulle I am I can’t be other than amazed.

Abbie's choice; McQueen Prefall 2011
I chose this as my outfit of the week because it embraces the simplicity but also it makes you stand out in the crowd as any true McQueen garment does. The colours look great together and the length is perfect for the weather and it also matches one of the taglines, 'More is more', length that is. I love how the buttons make it 'sailor' style and  I would hereby like to thank Sarah Burton, the successor of the McQueen label. You would make him proud!

Sara's choice; Chanel Prefall 2011
I chose this as my outfit of the week simply because the color scheme of black and gold has been done so many times, yet it makes it work so well! The outfit is so simple and chic, and a definite success. I believe the "Less is more" saying, and this outfit just proves my point. Oh, and 1 more reason to love it; it's Chanel!

Please tell us your thoughts and send us your entries!

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xx-kirsten-xxx said...

LOVE the Givenchy and Chanel pre-fall, saw them last week - they are AMAZING!!! And good choices :)

Love K xxx