Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome Home, Venus Couture!

Here at Couture Stardoll, we are the home for the up-and-coming fashion line, Venus Couture;- by Plami161 and AbiiBabeh..x. Today we are going to show you the first released spoiler and some exclusive news that may catch the eye of you budding designers out there...
First up the spoiler. So as I said, here is where you can see the first spoiler for Venus as this is it's home so here is the spoiler. The collection will be based around Grecian style dresses and we are successfully in Stardoll Fashion Week! Here is the spoiler.
You can have your design in our collection and it will appear in SFW!
To enter you must read and agree to these terms. By entering this means you will not break any of the rules.
-You must have a blogger account
-You can send in as many desings as you like
-The designs must be your own
-They must be Grecian Style Dresses
-You must use the colours gold, pastel pink, white, cream and/or other colours from this sort.
-You must be a follower

Stardoll Name;
Real Name;
Skype Name; (if applicable)
Your design;


Q: Do the designs have to be drawings or graphics?
A: Either! This competition is for you and can be made to suit anybody!

Q: Do we have to use colour?
A: It is highly recommended you add colour but you may label the colours.


Edita said...

Stardoll Name : Foxiuke
Real Name : Edita KutraitÄ—
Skype Name : Foxiukea
Design :

Gillian/Juciimami827 said...

Yayyy!! GO PLAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I totally support anything you do! I'm so happy for you guys :D I wish you the best of luck, like foreal! Yay :D

IrishLily09 said...

Stardoll Name; IrishLily09
Real Name; Lisa
Skype Name;IrishLily09
Your design;

Lisa xx :)

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Am definitely going to enter, just need to pick my design! I roughly drew out 3 last night, now I just have to work on one :)

Thanks, this is a great opportunity!

Love K xxx

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Ok, I'm done, the pics aren't great quality, so I've done one with and without flash :)

If you have any questions about what the description says or anything, just GB me at sparklewand12

Love K xxx

greatdj/jasmine said...

Stardoll Name; greatdj
Real Name; Jasmine Lilly
Skype Name; Don't have one but here's my email;
Your design;

I drew it and then coloured it using Gimp ;]

Vivian said...

Stardoll name: vivianton1998
Real name: Vivian Ton

They aren't the best, but I'm only 12.
Drawn on
I hope to post more designs :D

TK_Cullen... said...

Stardoll Name : TK_Cullen...
Real Name : TeeKaye Kassidy
Design :

I'm only posting one design because I think it has potential to work , on it's own without the addition of further designs that may clutter or takeaway the certain 'uniqueness' that this one design holds . I fully regarded the chosen color palette while designing and I stayed true to your criteria . White base , creamy folds , gold bits & pieces and of course the pastel pink is definitely in there x

I hope I get chosen , I have the dedication and potential to hopefully impress the successful Venus Couture Designers .

The one thing I hope that stands out to you is that this design is different to the normal Grecian dresses you would see .
Con Amor x

TK_Cullen... said...

It's TeeKaye again ...
I designed one more grecian dress .
I was thinking that maybe I should design a more feminine dress , so I designed this lil' beauty :

Hope you like it , and since my first design was more of a white , gold theme , this one incorporates bronze and pastel pink .

Con Amor x

xxevie23xx said...


Stardoll Name: xxevie23xx
Real Name: Evie
Design: Gosh, it won't let me upload to tinypic, therefore, I will upload to my blog for you to see :S (So sorry.)

My blog is:

I hope this doesn't affect my chances. Plus, I'm not great at graphic designing so I used Serif DrawPlus. Thanks.

xxevie23xx said...

Change of plan, here it is in tinypic!