Saturday, January 22, 2011

Global Group Welcomes Couture Stardoll!

Yes you heard it! Couture Stardoll is now one of the first projects to join Global Group and we think it will be a successful and engaging journey. Through past Stardoll history, other groups such as Fashion Group and Dioguardi Group have been so successful and we think that joining Global Group will give us a lot of experience and give us many options to guide us through our career! Whilst discussing with Bruno the agreements and whilst he described everything I knew that this can't isn't going to fail and we appreciate the support given to us by Global.
Being my curious self I asked Bruno for an answer to my statement, "Why did you choose Couture Stardoll", and he replied;
"I think Couture Stardoll is starting well and it will be one of the biggest couture houses on stardoll. I believe that both the girls will go high and I want to do my best to get them going even higher."

We would like to thank Bruno for this oppurtunity and we hope for Couture Stardoll to go high!

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